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Strong organizations have strong physician leaders

An increasing number of physicians are taking on leadership roles, but clinical perspective and experience alone aren’t enough to face the challenges of the modern healthcare. We provide organizations and physician leaders with the proper training and education to help them develop unique, effective leadership styles and strategies to achieve their goals.

In the modern healthcare setting, collaborative leadership trumps the command-and-control, top-down style medical training often emphasizes. To develop your pipeline of capable clinical leaders, we provide specialized leadership training for cohorts of physicians.

We understand how hard it can be to develop your clinical leadership pipeline.

Seminars and MBA programs can provide helpful information about how to lead, but for these new skills to stick, physicians need a structure of consistent learning, planning, action and debrief.

Become an organization who can:
top 1%
Leverage your high-potential physician talent
Access a pipeline of well-rounded physician leaders
Retain a group of productive and motivated clinicians
Here’s how we work:
top 1%
We analyze your organization's challenges and clarify your goals with a Physician Development Audit
If we can help, we present you with a customized Physician Development Plan to review, designed to align with your existing initiatives
If you’d be better served somewhere else, we point you in the right direction
Examples of Programs

What Clients Say

Sandy breaks through physicians' guarded skepticism to unlock their true passion for patient care, empathy and leadership.

Chief Clinical Officer
Broomfield, Colorado

Sandy has a presence that immediately disarms even the most doubtful physician and allows for rapid, meaningful growth. I recommend her program without hesitation.

Director of Provider Services
Des Moines, Iowa

Sandy was the driving force behind a highly successful leadership program at a large integrated healthcare delivery system, where she transformed physician leadership training.

Chief Medical Officer
Phoenix, Arizona

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