Sandy Scott Consulting Group

Leadership Accelerator Programs

6-9 month cohort experiences for physicians and executives to improve communication, influence and other interpersonal leadership skills.

Physician Having a Meeting
Physician Leadership Accelerator

Our 6-9 month physician program strengthens the abilities of technically-driven physician leaders by developing the interpersonal skills they need to navigate the modern health system.

The result is a cohort of physicians who effectively lead their teams through change, while communicating the needs of their teams back to administrators.

We combine these elements to maximize impact:

Executive Team Accelerator

Our fast-paced, 9-month executive program transforms a group of high-performing individuals into a cohesive team with a culture of harmony, trust and productive conflict.

Executives collaborate in new ways by applying strategies, together, on an initiative identified by the system.

We combine these elements to maximize impact:

  • 360° interviews
  • Research-based assessments (strengths, blindspots and values)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training
  • Certified coaching to address individual needs
  • Peer accountability (rotating monthly)
  • Proven leadership tools and systems
  • In-person summits that include nationally-recognized speakers

All program content is customized after completing 360° interviews with participants and sponsors.

Physician Having a Meeting