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Onboarding Made Easy

Make a meaningful difference in your new leadership role

Standard onboarding processes often fall short because they fail to support physicians as they transition to an administrative role. We provide physicians with the tools, guidance and support they need to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Transitioning to a new leadership role comes with unique challenges that you haven’t formally trained for. Let’s take your skills to the next level, so you can impact patients on a larger scale.

Settle in your new role, and:
top 1%
Influence policies on behalf of patients and physicians
Create a clear vision and strategy to guide your decisions
Lead a team or project that’s known for its results
Here’s how we work:
top 1%
We analyze your challenges and clarify your goals with an Onboard Audit
If we can help, we present you with a customized onboard development plan to review
If you’d be better served somewhere else, we point you in the right direction
About Sandy

About Sandy

After physicians collaborated to save her newborn son’s life, Sandy dedicated her career to helping physician leaders reach their full potential and fix broken systems. With 29 years of physician coaching experience, Sandy has successfully guided over 500 physicians to retool their skills to build the future of healthcare.

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Board Certified CoachPhysician Coaching Institute
Professional Certified CoachFache
About 1100 Professionals
About 550 Physicians

What Clients Say

Adept at understanding the physician perspective, [Sandy] knows how to partner with physicians to help them realize their potential as leaders in all settings.

Chief Medical Officer
Scottsdale, Arizona

Sandy has a presence that immediately disarms even the most doubtful physician and allows for rapid, meaningful growth. I recommend her program without hesitation.

Director of Provider Services
Des Moines, Iowa

Sandy has a rare skill that has taken many years to hone.

Chief Medical Officer
Phoenix, Arizona

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