Sandy Scott Consulting Group

The Power of Two

Become a high-impact dyad partnership

Great dyad partners support each other to succeed with the optimal use of resources, individual capabilities, and time. To be effective, however, a dyad partnership needs to be based on the foundations of mutual respect, trust, and communication. We help physicians and administrators come together and develop successful strategies for mitigating frustration, growing their capacity, and becoming stronger leaders.

Our innovative approach to dyad coaching helps develop trust and alignment from the ground-up.

Become an impactful dyad that:

top 1%
Fixes broken processes
Improves clinical outcomes at scale
Sets an example for the rest of your organization
Here’s how we work:
top 1%
We analyze your challenges and clarify your goals with a Dyad Audit
If we can help, we present you and your partner with a customized Dyad Development Plan to review
If you’d be better served somewhere else, we point you in the right direction

What Clients Say

Adept at understanding the physician perspective, [Sandy] knows how to partner with physicians to help them realize their potential as leaders in all settings.

Chief Medical Officer
Scottsdale, Arizona

Sandy has a presence that immediately disarms even the most doubtful physician and allows for rapid, meaningful growth. I recommend her program without hesitation.

Director of Provider Services
Des Moines, Iowa

Sandy has a rare skill that has taken many years to hone.

Chief Medical Officer
Phoenix, Arizona

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