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Well-Being Accelerator Program

A scalable model for assessing and improving clinician well-being, by combining Mayo Clinic’s Well-Being Index and group coaching experiences.

A Model for Well-Being Assessment and Intervention

In partnership with Well-Being Index, invented by Mayo Clinic.

The complexity of healthcare delivery has created a volatile, uncertain and ambiguous environment that affects individuals and organizations.

Organizations are prioritizing burnout intervention to create a culture that attracts and retains talented medical professionals.

Our model combines the 9-question Well-Being Index, invented by Mayo Clinic, with certified coaching and Employee Assistance Program resources. One advantage of our model is the ability to scale it across a large network of providers.

The result is:

  • A measurable impact on individual and system well-being
  • A stronger culture of fulfillment and community
  • System-wide burnout data to guide committees and Chief Wellness Officers
Our Model for Well-Being Assessment and Intervention
Phase 1: Well-Being Index (WBI) Assessment for all providers
ChecklistOnline well-being assessment

Providers take a 5-10 minute confidential assessment to quantify six (6) areas of burnout and are met with a dashboard to interpret results. The Well-Being Index was invented by the Mayo Clinic, has been thoroughly researched and is being implemented by hundreds of health systems.

ChecklistOn demand self-directed resources

After completing the Well-Being Index assessment, providers are met with an immediate suite of web-based resources, based on their assessment results.

Resource categories include: Stress & Resilience, Fatigue, Emotional Concerns, Money, Health Behavior, Suicidal Thoughts, Substance Abuse and Relationship & Work-Life Balance and Career & Professional.

After Phase 1, providers are invited to apply for Phase 2 coaching and employee assistance program (EAP) interventions. This process of application takes between 1-2 weeks.

Phase 2: Coaching and EAP Interventions to provide personalized support
Individual coaching

For those wanting to focus on specific topics from their assessment results. 8-12 weeks of bi-weekly, virtual coaching sessions to debrief assessment, define goals, and implement a well-being action plan.

Group coaching

For those interested in building community and support among peers. Groups of 6-7 individuals participate in a cohort experience with a similar structure as individual coaching.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

For those experiencing extreme burnout or extreme personal problems impacting performance. Recommend leveraging existing Human Resource EAP processes and resources.


Model can be implemented year over year for continued well-being improvement


Model can be adapted to develop internal coaching capabilities to sustain the long-term, cost effectively