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Let's create the future of healthcare through physician leadership, authenticity and meaningful work.

We’re on a mission to impact the culture and performance of a small cohort of health systems by transferring our knowledge, systems and competencies through strong partnerships.

Sandy Scott

Hi, I’m Sandy.

How my journey started

At twenty-five, I had a bachelor’s degree in business, a beautiful country home, a husband, and successful career. The dream.

Then, one bright August morning, my world was smashed to pieces: my newborn son, Zachary, was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy, severe seizure disorder, and could die before his first birthday.

As denial gave way to despair and grief, our family was thrown into a new, strange world – a world with its own language of clinical jargon, fear, and isolation. I wondered if we would ever know happiness again.

But it was within the challenge of Zachary’s diagnosis that I discovered my own hidden inner resources and a new level of compassion for others. It led me to find my calling as a life coach for clinicians.

Supporting our physicians

Today, I have been in professional relationships with physicians for 29 years. Just as important, I have engaged in relationships with physicians as the mom of a young man who has never spoken a word, rolled over, or fed himself, and whose medical files are thick with the documentation of someone taking 25 medications daily.

The landscape of healthcare has dramatically changed. I’ve heard older physicians talk about the days when what they said was unchallenged. They were trained to work autonomously; they worked hard and patients/administration did not challenge their diagnosis or quality of care. Mid-career physicians report they did not learn skills in medical school to collaborate or follow others. They advanced in their careers by advancing their technical skills. Many physicians experience heavy workloads, poor workflows, lack of control in schedules, loss of work-life integration, and a disconnection from meaningful work. Early- careerist are today experiencing burn-out while attending residency and feel disconnected from their values and purpose before even entering the workforce.

How can we support our physicians as they navigate a sometimes-erratic healthcare landscape?

The physicians and physician leaders thriving in today’s world are finding ways to identify what matters most to them (their core values), optimize meaningful work, and nurture personal wellness.

Physicians can benefit from focusing on what’s important in their lives, connect to a greater sense of meaning, use tools to support a positive outlook, and take time away from work to rejuvenate. It’s also imperative for physicians and families of patients to build resiliency, the ability to preserve and remain positive despite adversity. It is a skill set and a mindset.

Physicians and physician leaders can participate in organizational strategies to promote well-being and transform their own mindset from that of being a victim in a broken system to that of being engaged and empowered to work with other key stakeholders to share the future of healthcare and their own future.

A journey of compassion

My personal experience as the mom of a son with a disability and my extensive training and experience as a physician coach has given me the awareness of what it is to give people the gift of your presence. I have experienced firsthand what can become possible when someone listens in a way that is not transactional, when they’ve listened to help me and my family discover our greatness. Presence is about being flexible during a conversation, accessing our intuition and trusting our inner knowing. People who are fully present are open to knowing the answers right away and to taking risks in a conversation. They can confidently shift perspectives and experiment with new possibilities.

Today, Zachary lives in his own condominium, has completed more than 50 triathlons, regularly goes to yoga, attends concerts, and lives a radically fulfilling life. He is thriving. Zachary is evidence to me of how people with a coaching mindset can transform difficult life situations into a life that is whole. Contrary to what most of us believe? happiness does not simply happen to us. It’s something that we make happen, and it results from our doing our best.

I now feel a calling to pay it forward. I feel an urgency to give back to the profession of providers who have supported our family, especially when I was in times of exhaustion, low enthusiasm for life, and lacking a sense of accomplishment. I am inspired to empower and enable physicians to live deeply into the future, while acting boldly in the present.

The Sandy Scott Consulting Group is committed to connecting, caring, and working with others to create the future of healthcare. We have coached more than 1,000 healthcare leaders and over 500 physicians, and developed physician leadership programs in more than 13 states in the hope of addressing the challenges physicians are facing today. We are dedicated to listening to the provider community. Rather than simply telling people information, we know that physicians already possess within themselves the ability to resolve challenges, generate new ideas, and take new actions that are meaningful to them, their teams and organization. As a company, we are trained to unleash the capacity inside of each clinician we work with. We guide people through focused experiences to accelerate their growth from where they are to their ideal outcome…. even if they are stuck in the perspective that something is not possible.

It took me years to develop a new vision for myself, my family, and my work. In order to do so, I’ve leaned on the wisdom and teachings of business, nature, positive psychology, science, and coaching.

My purpose now is to make a difference in the lives of providers, to change the status quo of the healthcare culture, and to offer a practical, spiritual, and emotional compass that can guide others to believe that their work can be meaningful again. Because being a physician is more than meeting the expectations of an organization. It’s about connecting to the bigger, deeper more meaningful lessons of life through the experience of caregiving.

Our coaching processes, systems and methods are being built through research, science and proven results. We transform our partners’ lives by providing the clarity and framework they need to lead positive change as executives and physicians.

I’ve spent my career seeking the highest level of education, training and credentials possible for a physician coach.

A Top 1% Certified Coach puts you ahead of the curve.

Our coaching process helps people dream of a better possibility for their life, then supports them to achieve it through action. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with amazing people within inspiring organizations, and would be delighted to find a way to serve your organization’s mission.



Sandy Scott, FACHE, MPA

President and Certified Coach


What Clients Say

Adept at understanding the physician perspective, [Sandy] knows how to partner with physicians to help them realize their potential as leaders in all settings.

Teresa Malcolm
Teresa Malcolm, MD, FACOG, MBA CPE
Chief Medical Officer, Banner Health

Sandy is an expert at coaching physicians. She influences the professional, personal, and emotional lives we have as doctors.

Angela M. Mills
Angela M. Mills
Chief Medical Officer, North Colorado Medical Center

She has an incredible ability to connect with physicians and to break through their guarded skepticism to unlock their true passion for patient care, empathy, and leadership.

JP Valin
JP Valin, MD
Chief Clinical Officer, SCL Health

I have worked with Sandy in two different health systems. She has an incredible ability to connect with physicians and to break through their guarded skepticism to unlock their true passion for patient care, empathy, and leadership. The result is a resilient physician leader that can shift the culture of the organization.

Chief Clinical Officer
Chief Clinical Officer

As a surgeon and leader, I was losing effectiveness, getting overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out what to do differently. Through coaching, I began to better understand my team and developed the ability to delegate and hold others accountable. That gave me energy to start communicating our vision and work more strategically.


Sandy is an expert at coaching physicians. She influences the professional, personal, and emotional lives we have as doctors. As a physician who has been coached by Sandy--she changed my life and the lives of my colleagues.

JChief Medical Officer
Chief Medical Officer

During my coaching... I set clearer expectations and guided my team to come up with a solution which they implemented. Staffing, morale, and patient care have all improved. I learned that I don’t need to fix things by myself.

Medical Director
Medical Director

I learned to practice delegation by setting goals and time lines to monitor progress. This helps me not get so focused on the details that I forget the big picture.

Chief Medical Officer
Chief Medical Officer

Sandy brings all of the skills and abilities of a first-class coach. Adept at understanding the physician perspective, she knows how to partner with physicians to help them realize their potential as leaders in all settings. She is highly energetic and passionate about physician leadership and effectively inspires others to reach their desired goal. She is a real pro!

Chief Medical Officer
Chief Medical Officer

Many healthcare leaders are skeptical of the value of coaching. Sandy Scott cured my skepticism in just a few brief conversations. In her prior role she was the driving force behind a highly successful leadership program at a large integrated healthcare delivery system where she helped transform physician leadership training. I can say without reservation that she is the best coach I’ve encountered.

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Sandy is an insightful and engaging professional who is able to bring out the strengths in those she coaches. Much of this stems from her passion to support and grow those who serve others by the nature of their work, ie healthcare. It is said that leadership comes from knowing one’s self, and she empowers others to gain that insight for where their calling is taking them. A rare skill that I am sure has taken many years to hone.

Chief Medical Officer
Chief Medical Officer

I found [Sandy] to be very personable, authentic, and genuine. She demonstrates a willingness to listen and assist in any way she can within her capabilities. Sandy "meets you where you are" and "walks beside you" to build a path to where you desire to be. With her enthusiasm and support, the possibilities are endless! I would recommend Sandy without reservation!

Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer

With [Sandy], I developed a new understanding of how to be deliberate and proactive in situations with conflict. Through iterations of practicing specific skills, my approach has improved, and results are better.

Medical Director
Medical Director