Get your people moving in the right direction

for the sake of patients

They don't teach this stuff in med school

It's hard when your team isn’t getting results and meetings feel like a waste of time. The whole thing can leave you feeling like an imposter who "went to the dark side". But physicians are actually our best shot at fixing this broken healthcare system. Our team helps you navigate the path to becoming a leader who makes a difference.


Highly personalized experiences for physicians and executives taking on a new role or challenge

Physician Leadership Accelerator

Develop a group of confident and competent leaders who impact patient care at the hospital and system level

Integrated Executive Accelerator

Be known as a best-in-class organization by getting your administrative and clinical executives moving in the same direction

The Well-Being Accelerator

A scalable way to assess and improve clinician well-being in real time (invented by the Mayo Clinic)

We understand how hard it is to coordinate quality care

1,000+physicians & professionals coached
Top 1%Certified Coach Nationally
large health systems
9health system partners
How It Works
top 1%
1. We analyze your challenges
2. We clarify your goals and who’s involved
3. We build and deliver a custom program that achieve your goals

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