Every physician has a secret dream.
We help you achieve yours.

Coaching is a process physicians
use to transform their life.


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We're here to guide you every
step of the way.

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Stage one

Get Your House in Order

Everybody needs a solid foundation to start from. Start building yours with our proven assessments, strategies and tools.

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Stage two

Live Your Ideal Day

We feel most alive when our "inner world" and our "outer world" are aligned. Take calculated risks to experience your ideal day, over and over again.

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Stage three

Freedom to Choose

Your life is a journey, not a destination. Apply your new ways of thinking to transform your career, your family and more.

potential that was trapped within me for years..."

Male Coach

"This has been a professional game changer."

Male Coach

"You translated my jumbled thoughts into something I can understand and act on..."

Male Coach

"I have found peace in this lifebecause of the skills you taught me."

Male Coach

"I wanted to leave medicine but nowI look forward to work."

Hi, I'm Sandy...

A certified coach for 26 years, I'm on a mission to see every physician lead and live with purpose...

We partner with systems that value
their physicians.

We're here to help organizations develop their physician leadership pipeline, because it's our best shot at making healthcare work better for patients. And we bring together the best strategies, tools and experience to help you do just that.

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Join a community of purposeful
physician leaders.

We believe great physicians make great leaders, so we're uncovering insights through candid conversations with world-class clinical thought leaders

Each month we send our best resources to our favorite peoples' inboxes. It's one way we're trying to pay it forward and make a difference in the world.

You can expect a distilled set of case studies, mental models, tips for meetings and anything else we think might support you to lead and live with purpose

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